Mona: The Complete Story | 1980's VHS Edition

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  • [ – ] Fractoid_Films reply awwwwwww yeeeeahh. Digging me some shortfilm! Overall i liked some of the moods you set up, good use of synth. It both generated chill and added to the 80's aesthetic. Though i do think some of the visuals didn't match it's energy. I see that that desired momentum wanted to be a slow burn, very much atmospheric, but i think the whole piece could have used some tightening up to help move it along and gain forward energy. Primarily in the moments of people heading from point A to B. It was very tough listening to people's voices (thus the story) and the overall mix sounded rather muddy. I'd recommend keeping people's voices at a -6DB to -1DB, mainly because people will be watching these on their phones and it could use the extra boost. Keep up the energy and hard works mates, i look forward to checking out your future stories! -Blake
    • FrameByFrame parent reply Thanks for the feedback! This is honestly just a variation of the short film that I directed. The original HD version is on my channel here on Vidme called 'Mona: The Complete Short Film'. If you scroll down far enough on my profile you'll see the original version we released and actually showed in a theater! Thanks again and hope you enjoy! Also, working on a sequel trilogy, and the first installment of it is out now, entitled 'Reality'! It's here on my channel as well!
  • [ – ] mattwgc reply Aiya sent me. And I'm glad he did. Great work!
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