3 LOGO DESIGNER ESSENTIALS - Graphic Design As A Career

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  • [ – ] brodanbk reply Awesome! keep up the nice work.I Can't wait for more videos soon! What type of videos are you going to make in the future? Do u think you could give me some feedback on my videos? I want to make my content as good as you! Anyway hope u have a nice day :)
    • Satori_Graphics parent reply I have a weekly series that I started about InDesign basics, I want to make a longer logo design process video, more Illustrator hacks, more free graphic design stuff, hand lettering vids, graphic design as a career, Photoshop stuff, lol lots of things. I will check out your vids in a sec. All I can say is keep at it, you need to spend time refining your skills as with anything in life, practice makes perfect.. I am by no means perfect though lol
  • [ – ] OnlyUltimate reply Good video!
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