NASA- The Dumbest Smart People On The Planet

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  • cfandyd reply My thumbs up ... :)
  • jmaine reply More like some of the biggest frauds on earth. Research ISS hoax and you will see it's all Hollywood bs. NASA uses more helium than any other organization. Why would they need thousands of balloons if they really had satellites. If you were interested in truth you would know this.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply The world of science is no different than any other branch of the Government or industry they need to raise money to keep their jobs. If it cost 50 Trillion dollars to send 3 people to Mars, where they die. The scientist will say it was a good investment, and that we learned so much. To send people to MARS has little cost benefit the money would be better suited in research towards a LFTR's Thorium fluoride salt reactor program. Safe energy storage devices. Research into making earth quake resistant buildings. New uses for conventional Crystals and metals. How plants convert sunlight into sugars and then duplicate this process. How to rebuild bodies broken legs. How people learn, research. I think the money and the scientist could be better engaged than sending some steel to Mars.
  • MaitreMarkScully reply is is sad that people believe NASA is real
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