Baron Man Play: Final Fantasy 6 Part 2

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  • [ – ] GamerEX reply First. I want to say. You're my first view on this website, just found out about it and saw your vid. I love FF6. That said, did you know you could take the Mithril Lance Mog and give it to Edgar? It kind of makes him OP this early into the game. Also if you feel like a person you are about to recruit is a bit weak. You can train your current party and the people when they first join you scale a bit. A good example of this is if you go nuts with this idea. In the world of ruin Terra can get Fire 3 and Life 2 and whatnot on her own before you re-recruit her. Not trying to one up you or anything, I was just curious. Loved the video.
    • BaronMan parent reply I had no idea about the spear at the beginning. I usually don't start going a bit nutty till after world of ruin. I usually just try to bust through the beginning until then.
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