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  • Lucas357 reply Hey John, is your Prepared Mind channel on here? I tried searching for it, but couldnt find it.
  • Clapper reply Women aren't less qualified automatically because they are women, and men aren't qualified because they are men. A good boss transcends gender. Perhaps more men become bosses/good bosses, but a good boss is a good boss whether female or male. Also, women don't "disobey," it's not like she's putting herself under her partner's jurisdiction, that doesn't lead to a healthy relationship. If that were the case it would likely be far better for women to stay single. It is the coalition of the man and woman that is the foundation of a strong family. I'm not arguing against gender roles either, both partners have their specific roles to play. I prefer filling a more historically/biologically male role, such as working. And I want my future wife to be a stay-at-home mom. However, this doesn't mean I come home and "boss" her around like she's some second-rate housekeeper. Maybe you've had experiences which have led you to believe what you believe, but I have to say you're mistaken. Yes, more and...more more women are becoming selfish, manipulative brats, but so are men (one doesn't negate the other). Also, all the SJW/feminism crap is trying to make women like men and men like women, which would destroy society and perhaps the world. There are fantastic women out there, there are fantastic men out there, and there are horrific people in both. But don't miss the diamonda for the rock around it.
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