OJ Simpson Is No Longer In Jail !

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  • RDSHorizon reply Narrative did a brilliant cover too
  • TheRantingRoman reply Whitezombie - I do fear the walking dead....... Are you a Blacktivist? Fake News is Stirring shit up ? You are using such empty words I am starting to believe real life zombies exist. Anyway, Great video, made me hate humanity there for a second.
  • RDSHorizon reply you killed a MAN???????????????????
  • whitezombie reply Do not invoke what you do not understand. The Juice got away, appalling but it happened. No system is perfect. Some get away. fake news is stirring shit up trying to get what? some retard to jump him? Just for views.You people are insane , He had his day in court there was not enough to put him away. He will die in time like the rest. He will be forgotten if you let him. He will be nothing and no one . All you have to do is let it go. You are immortalising him. Why would you immortalise a murderer?
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