Transformers: The Last Knight - Quick and Dirty review

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  • [ – ] bowgallery reply In the movies defense (and I can't believe I'm defending this Transformers movie franchise.) This Transformers movies is not the first Transformers Universe to have Unicron being Earth. I always thought it was a cool idea it's all about execution. And that's what I hate about the Transformer movie franchise. They have great ideas but always executed poorly. Michael Bay probably Saw Transformers Prime and thought hey that's a cool idea let me try it out and and that's when I screamed NNnnnnooooo!
  • SamEarl13 reply I feel bad for you that you paid to see that, I haven't seen it myself but its the sort of thing where you could tell it was going to be bad by just looking at a trailer.
  • [ – ] Dos_Gaming reply They still make these films?
  • MisterHan2000 reply If you look up the definition of insanity, you'll see Michael Bay's picture!
  • Shut_Up_Buddy reply The thing about Unicron almost made me puke. Seriously???? What an asshole!!!
  • Shut_Up_Buddy reply I have hated every single Transformers movie that Michael Bay did. That asshole continues to destroy my childhood and I'm sure that sick bastard is enjoying it.
  • [ – ] PieAndLove reply When will they make 3D glasses that are friendly to glasses-wearing users... And also friendly to everyone else... Smh... Smh...
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