Limerick Viking Era sword

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  • [ – ] JimGiant reply I'm no expert in Viking swords but according the Theignthrand replicas often have the handle too long. Are you sure it's 2.5kg? That would be heavy for a longsword. Looks really nice though.
    • [ – ] Thornack parent reply well it is a exact replica of a museum piece. just check te link it s weight is in the description. the thing with the handle is that I seen indeed a lot of shorter handles, and I had the same question, cause it looks pretty long and I doubt it is also the case with the original. but again, according to the webshop it is an exact replica of a museum piece . and it handles pretty okay. so I can't complain :)
      • [ – ] JimGiant parent reply Guess I won't know unless I see the original. It's 1.75kg according to the link. Still one of the heaviest one handers I've seen but s well trained man shouldn't have any trouble with it.
        • [ – ] Thornack parent reply p.s. maybe I will re-upload a better video soon. and also a test video. I still have an old plywood germanic shield I can miss to cut up !
        • [ – ] Thornack parent reply well it is also a reproduction from the "beginning" of the viking age, so the weight should be pretty accurate but well, it is a pretty sword.
          • [ – ] MaitreMarkScully parent reply on the weight - when fighting with sword and shield, the shield does the (bulk of the) defense and the sword (the bulk of the) offence. A heavy blade hits harder and early steel blades could not be too light or they would bend/break. When fighting with just a sword, the sword must do the defense as well as the offence. When this is the case the weight of the blade is reduced to allow speed to go from offence to defense. Fighting without a secondary defensive item (shield, dagger, cloak) only became feasible when the metallurgy skills increased enough to allow long, light blades. This is what I learned in my apprenticeship, other factors are pertinent as well and a two handed sword is a different kettle of fish, being in my view, more like a pole arm than a sword....
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