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  • [ – ] JustABloke reply Honestly, I think your husband is brave. The 1st time my wife asked me to do it, and I had to dress up like a laboratory scientist, that is where I stopped. If the chemicals are that dangerous why would anyone put it on their head. So we got my daughter around to do it, while I went fishing with my son-in-law. That way I have an Alibi when the cops turn up saying my wife's head had melted.
  • [ – ] Roamancing reply Love the new cut. It must feel so nice and light! And the new colour is awesome!
  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply Wow, what a change! It does look good on you. I like wild colors and those fit together nicely. As you pointed out, you learn as you go. You are fortunate to have help doing the color work. It was funny when you had the camera right up to your face because I sit pretty close to my large screen t.v./monitor and I realized that I would never actually get that close to someone while having a conversation with them. It's well within the personal space zone and all, so in real life it would be somewhat awkward. I don't know, I'm amused by odd things. Random spontaneous parade! I love it. Was there anyone watching the parade or were you just marching through town alone? A drive-in theater! I haven't been to one of those in decades. I can see how the heat and the mosquitoes would take a little of the fun out of the experience. That and the center console bruising. I remember as a little kid getting in my pajamas and our family would go to the drive-in. My mom would make popcorn ahead of ti...moreme. It would be really cold and I'd get bored and fall asleep. Somehow the video notification bell got turned off and I wasn't getting notified you had new videos. But it's fixed now. All in all, nice video!
    • amberthest parent reply Thank you! I think so too. I did my purple bangs myself and now I extra appreciate my husband doing most of it! It's not easy at all. I assumed that nobody would be there, I guess it was a Memorial Day parade, but it was raining. When we got to the main street of town there were a bunch of people though. It was fun :D Cold popcorn doesn't sound very fun. We loaded up on junk food haha Thank you!
  • amberthest reply 😂 yeah there's always a thought in my mind that things could go wrong when I try something new on my hair. And also how you're not supposed to let it sit on your skin but it stays on your scalp for like an hour... the risks we take for different colored hair!
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