Transgender Lady Angry That Straight Guys Aren't Interested In Her

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  • [ – ] Juan_Olivier reply Mentally ill Guy Angry That Straight Guys Aren't Interested In Him. I fixed your title.
  • jtarrats reply Maybe because ur a guy , Straight men are not sexualy interested in having coidece with a man . No judgement just saying .
  • etheras reply I think the trans needs to come to terms with what she is. She will never be a real female. Once she accepts reality and changes herself and her expectations, rather than trying to change everyone else... only then will she be able to be happy. There are guys out there that like trans "girls". She should just go after them, rather than trying to deceive her partner.
  • katastic reply If a guy picked up chicks with a Ferrari, and then later she found out he was homeless and the car wasn't even his, you'd think they'd be pissed?
  • DrewScottsman reply Odd, even in this video you have to call the dude a chick?
  • AmateurBellyDance reply Isn't this self-explanatory? lol
  • themillennialrevolt reply I kinda feel bad for them
  • ReSweden reply I feel kind of sorry for her/him. Being so confused about such a fundamental thing as your gender must be terrible. But being angry at guys for not wanting her/him? No, that's not ok. Holding them responsible for her/his situation is just... well... egoistic I'd say.
  • jtarrats reply It's a he she , confused man wants to be a real woman . Has if u will a penoquio delima .
  • DecadesApartProductions reply Mac from Always Sunny would hit it.
  • Zednix reply A tranny getting phone numbes, on camera, at the beach is idiotic.
  • Zednix reply You don't get respect for being a fucking liar.
  • c_arnold03 reply Mentally ill cross dressing homosexual man angry that heterosexual men STILL aren't interested in him. *shock*
  • RichardWendling reply It's deceptive, and the Men feel tricked. Why would you(with your penis still attached) expect straight dudes to be down? At least be serious and be a full on change over, or hang out with gay men. Is this transgender homophobic?
  • Kodelementime reply I dont get it so she got sad, she probably knew how they are gonna act but that doesnt mean she wont get sad when people reject her. Both side is understandable I mean guys dont wanna be with her because they dont see her as a woman and She is sad because they dont see her as a woman. Also what is this trans-hate in the comments everyone here diagnoses her to mental illness like they studied them for their whole lives.
  • SpartacusPenguin reply Noooo that's not a female -_- just a dude with long hair, make-up who had his duck chopped off and got silicon tits. so no thanks tranny, most men in society are still straight.
  • Justcalldave reply trying to normalize obvious psychological disorders doesn't help anyone.
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