When the right and left converge

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  • falcemartello reply It is classic perception management . The elite have always used it. Political science 101 what is classified left or identitarians is totalitarian tyranny the likes of classic fascism. They r managing dissent for the simple fact to avoid talking about their dying paradigm. Just think of all the energy time effort and money that is being used to orchestrate these events since Trump the Frump became Potus. Hitler in drag did not win hence the anointed one. Hence how can we get back on top of keeping the sheeple from wising up. Left right paradigm is misrepresented. Hence back to my point Left in political science terms . Unionist worker proletariat under class working class. Under privileged. Right wing. Conservative white collar educated and establishment privileged. Owner manager Doctor lawyer. Hence SJW and Identatarians as well as the western academicians have become totalitarian and fascistic if one were to apply basic political science principles. Like I said it is all staged pe...morerception management. Look at our last election Trump won all the fly over states . Where are all the confrontations rallies and anti Trump scenarios occurring. All in Hitler in drag states. So Most people are not buying it and the political seats in the states and congress r evidence of it. Tjhe Dem's sold out to the corporations and used identatarianism to progress and dominate now the chickens have come home to roost and they have now boxed themelves. Just look at their xenophobia they have created against Syria ,Russia, and Venezuela . Sounds like racist fascist supremacist to me. Nothing that resembles left wing.
  • I3UTM reply Team #Blue, circa today is like Team #Red, circa 1980's. And this happens and both teams play the "Muh Free Speech card." Umm...this is to protect us for #government #tyranny and not private or even non-governmental public venues. Both the #Left and #Right have the Regressives. Go #Liberty. Go #Free #Speech.
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