Nimrod,semiramis and jezebel,revealed,exposed and destroyed in JESUS name! Please pray and share! Thanks!

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  • 123-Proverb-Monkey reply ALMIGHTY LORD GOD of TRUE LOVE,POWER and VENGEANCE !!! FATHER GOD !!! In JESUS name I pray and praise YOU !!! I LOVE YOU JESUS !!! I move in JESUS name against the spirits of nimrod,blindness,jezebel,semiramis,weasel,fox,death,anti-christ and lies and bind,smash,reveal and expose you in JESUS name !!! All angels loosed in JESUS name to kill,destroy,reveal,expose,take to the abyss and to JESUS feet for justice and judgement,JESUS Kingdom come,JESUS will be done! Thank YOU ALMIGHTY FATHER LOVE for giving us natural/Spiritual/technological discernment/awareness on these spirits,in the natural/Spiritual !! Thank YOU for giving us the "JESUS" for all these situations,on tracking all movements of the enemy,quickly !!! Thank YOU FATHER GOD for reminding us that the evil spirit of nimrod is a hunter of men-women-children-babies and never works alone! I come into agreement with everyone who agrees with this prayer,if you agree say JESUS is LORD out loud !!! JESUS is LORD !!! Praise the LORD !...more!! Praise GOD !!!
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