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  • [ – ] cryptodigitator reply I am honestly curious. Do you regularly watch Felix? Would you have noticed him saying this on your own? Did you see him make nazi jokes on your own? Aside from 57 million viewers the guy has a ridiculous amount of videos. The tone of those do not jibe with portraying him as a meanspirited person at all. I'm honestly no fanboi. But I find myself skeptical of a prepackaged opinion offered to me by the self serving NYTimes who lost 80% of their ad revenue to YT just prior to the hit piece starting the witch hunt. I think anyone using a livestream should rig a 5 second delay like a broadcast radio studio. I've been called so much worse while gaming with Marlon-Rando-the-thug-jargon-spitting-edgy-11-y/o.. ::sigh:: "Does it make it OK?" No. It was a hardcore F-up. But there's a question of percentages and intent. That should matter. But hey what do I know - I couldn't get 100 views in a day if I set my arse on fire. Giving people the benefit of the doubt is boring and old fashioned.
    • TanyaMills parent reply I used to watch him regularly. I saw the moment on livestream where he used the word in question. It did not look like a hardcore f-up to me. The point of this video had more to do with the double standard that Google imposes upon its creators than with PewDiePie himself. I urge you to watch the whole video (if possible) and listen for the point I was trying to make. Thanks for watching.
  • [ – ] cryptodigitator reply I watched your whole video to begin with. I'm not arguing. I'm just trying to see where you're coming from. Twitch culture isn't YT culture. Live streams are different from edited videos. I agree that it is immature and low class behavior. But I don't think of him as a Hateful person just an unprofessional dumbass. Contrary to your point though I see LOTS of nobodies preaching hate all over. But they're not news because they don't have the subs. Being demonetized only matters if you made any money.
    • [ – ] TanyaMills parent reply Well, I guess we definitely have one thing in common in this thread: you don't appreciate my point in this instance, and now I am done trying to appreciate yours. Those people you call "nobodies" are my colleagues and my friends. They are not nobodies. I am done with this thread. I guess I am seeing your true colors now.
      • cryptodigitator parent reply Tanya please .. I'm not trying to argue. I don't think you're a hateful person. I don't think Felix is either. The "nobodies" I refer to are actually people who are *intending* to offend. You are entitled to your opinion & im not dumping on it. I wouldn't. You were the first person to follow me on Vidme. I've always tried to be supportive. Here I'm just taking a contrary opinion. I'm just trying to be real & talk. I opened with a question - not an attack. I'm not interested in fighting and I'm not a fanboi. He deserves whatever happens. ::face palm::
  • [ – ] MrATAndreiThomas reply I'm not really into Pewdiepie anymore after what he said using the N Word with a hard E R on it , I had some inspiration from him that I named my own followers as The A.T. Bro Knight Army due to Pewdiepie's followers called the bro army and my own previous symbol as the opposite of Pewdiepie. But since I found out for what he is now. I truly lost my respect for Pewdiepie, as I don't like Racist people.
  • patrickbrinkmann reply LOL :D pewpew
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