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  • TheSilentBird_GameRage reply How does so many artist and content creators create abominations? One they woke up and that "how do we fuck this generation? oh! I know I'll put some stupid illogical story telling of some horrific deaths. sounds good to me". idiots.
  • emilycostigan reply Hello, I have been a huge fan for about 4 years now, and i have been working for years to try to contact you, and if you by any chance see this comment if you could reply or do anything it would mean the world to me. Still if you dont I hope you know how much of an inspiration you have been throughout the years and thanks
  • Fighting_Zenith reply This makes Heavy Metal 2000, Delgo, Roots Search, M. D. Geist, the later DBZ movies, most of the Naruto movies, Diatron 5, and Super Kid look like Ark. (2004 CGI movie with James Woods as the lead, something I think that you would love.)
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