Satanic Temple of Los Angeles // 60 Second Docs

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  • red00violet reply My mom tried satanism and now he's gay.
  • Mondmann reply Honestly, you have to not take religion so seriously to understand these people. I am an Agnostic, so I totally get where these people are coming from. However, I wouldn't be so willing to paint such a perceivably negative image of myself for the sake of protesting. But I get it.
  • timetraveler63 reply The wonderful thing of being created in Gods image is, free will to choose. The sad thing is, what we choose. Jesus Christ is King! Forever and ever!
  • smolunicorn reply Mondmann, that's the point. If one religion gets into government business, all must be allowed. When they counter the christianity in the government with satanism, the fundamentalists have two options- allow it, or take their religion out of government business.
  • WeAreRetarded reply Well that's retarded.
  • NeoTheFox reply Ave satan, my friends
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