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  • [ – ] jerzeydolphins reply lol the ETs are trying to throw a sheet over our planet so we cant see and hurt anything else outside our planet
  • [ – ] Jayling7 reply The orange rustiness is the same question I've been asking too, J. I wasn't sure if it was just up here in my skies or not -- sounds like it's all over. Oh, and you got a phenomenal shot of Jupiter! So much better than mine. Great job, J!
    • j7409skynews parent reply Hi Jayling7.. Thanks for watching.. You know i really starting to have some questions roll around in my head about somethings. ButEveryone knows that everything you look at should not be the same color. Everyone knows space is not in color....I put together fit files of images , and its still this color. Makes no sense. There is so many things that come into play here it would take many months to sort them all out. But i do believe that many of the planets in our solar system are screwed up. From what? The Sun, Asteroids and Meteors, and even maybe Planet X...Who knows. But maybe we will find some answers if we all work together.....Thanks about the picture, but i really do think is lousy, i have made much better ones that were not orange brown and stayed in focus..:)...Keep watching the sky, who knows what you might see. Much Peace and Love to you..J
  • marycozzens reply could the release of chemicals into our atmosphere through chem trails or other methods alter the viewing colors of planetary bodies? I know the atmosphere effects the color our moon appears, and smog makes it a deeper hue.... but maybe the powers that be are doing it on purpose??? I did see Jupiter's big red spot on your vid, so it isn't all the wrong color. thanks for the NASA clip, I gotta wonder if they would tell us about any actual danger though. Ginny
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