How Trump Took Misogyny To A New Level

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  • Critias_Virgil reply Your side is the one who TAKES GUNS AWAY FROM WOMEN, so they can't shoot people who attack them? Then you tell me, you are the defender of women? My women, have magnum handguns, so - I think you are lying, and you hate women.
  • Lester-Piglet999 reply Just whining without any substance for your rant. Provide some facts and let the rational debate begin.
  • Critias_Virgil reply You are less intelligent. Take now for example. You complain that no one censors me to protect you. I don't ask that you be censored to protect me. Exactly like a barbarian gladiator pit. Anyone who goes in, there are no rules, and the weak die. You are the weak. What you need to do, is find a place to hide, an echo chamber, where no one but other 90IQ women are in the room. If we are equal, why don't I BEG for protection? I don't need protection. Use all the racism you want, sexism, fake news, denial, whatever tool of ANY kind you think you can help you, fire away. One of us, HATES EQUALITY, that is you. Here we are, you and I, at this moment; this is PURE AND REAL equality. No one protects us from each other. There is nothing here but BLACK WHITE EMPTY SPACE, vocabulary, and intelligence, but in that arena, I am super powerful, and you are super weak. Here it is, the equality. I am strong, you are weak. How is that my fault? Next, your low intelligence lies, DON'T WORK on me. In your...more mind, if you hysterically rant, Trump is a New Hitler, you really believe, that I will accept that. I won't. That little-brain bullshit sophistry, won't work on me. Lastly, NONE of these ideas are yours. I get the 'leftist liberal agenda' from the actual leaders, and I get it at 100% accuracy. Long down the line, you show up, to tell me what THEY SAID you think, and it is about 65% accurate. I don't really need you, to tell me, what George Soros decided you think. I get that from him, before you do. Here I am, naked to your SUPERIOR LEFTIST FEMALE MIND; put me in my place. No one will censor you or defend me. Let me have it.
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