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  • MrMemeKing reply Love arcades.
  • insaneonthemembrane reply I still like space invaders and got so good I'd leave the score on 9990 then write TIT as the highest score. Fucking hell I'm a dinosaur.
  • Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply Alcohol and video games do not mix! Unless that's all you have to drink. Then go for it!
  • AngelesBrosMindset reply im from LA and that arcade is the last of its class...i wish there were more!
  • JayHubz reply the last of us is definitely top 5 along with breath of the wild...i always struggle trying decide what is #1 for me
  • Mattsvlogging reply I love freakin retro video games! Arcades are pretty neato tooo [:
  • PimpMasterBroda reply Some arcades still exist in major cities. Chicago has Galloping Ghosts and Las Vegas has several arcades still present. A lot of arcades went out of business by me because of security issues. (Gang activity, people coming in drunk and rowdy ect.)
  • Calibri_Funtimes reply XD You have a great sense of humor! Someone please turn listen all the games she listed into a "12 Days of Christmas" type song. LOL
  • [ – ] FaygoFreak reply That's quite surprising that LA has one that big. in Minnesota (aka southern Canada) the closest thing to an arcade is a bar with a big game buck hunter game or two.
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