Interview With ItsRaditz - Getting To The Bottom Of This - Featuring itsOnlyRawman

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  • [ – ] Rawman reply Me and Raditz didn't know this interview was talking place. There might be some cringey stuff haha. Respect for Raditz for doing the right thing. Hopefully you guys can enjoy this interview and leave this with the respect for the dude. This was a hard thing for him to do.
    • whako parent reply Yeah i'm just glad he accepted to do this and speak to us about everything going on, props to him. Thanks for having the cringe I enjoyed it at 5am lol.
  • [ – ] AxxL_Afriku reply this video is almost as Long as i am ugly
  • [ – ] ItsRaditz reply I Think that ItsRaditz guy thing is super cool and sexy and has a sexy channel and nice hands
  • [ – ] Aaronshy reply AxxL the Vidme equivalent to Brock Lesnar. None can beat him!
    • [ – ] whako parent reply
      • [ – ] Aaronshy parent reply He still manage to kick many opponents butts though. Say what you will Lesnar to this day is still challenging and defeating many opponents.
        • [ – ] whako parent reply I like him also as a wrestler lol my top 3 but even the mightiest can sometimes fall.
          • Aaronshy parent reply We still don't know what Samoa Joe will do to him. But we know Paul Heyman told Brock to unleash the beast on Samoa Joe so......yeah......full on Brock Lesnar possibly to the level of when he beat Undertakers streak?
  • [ – ] RetroBit reply Hearing @Aiya would ever say something that would warrant a negative comment I was like "Whhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa BS- FAKE NEWS". I really just stopped by to listen to @itsOnlyRawman , doesn't matter what he's doing anytime he fucking laughs I kill myself laughing, it's contagious! Hahah.
  • [ – ] BrianAiya reply Props to you @ItsRaditz for doing this interview w/ @itsOnlyRawman and Whako , this is the smartest move you could do. We also need kids and family friendly creators like you (we don't have many family friendly content here xD YT don't like most of the creators here). I hope we see you follow more people ;p and to be active here.
    • whako parent reply Yeah im glad he was able to agree to this and come on and say his side to the story to everything that has happened so far and be transparent. More family friendly channels would be cool to see on Vidme as time goes on. <3 Aiya :)
  • whako reply Don't make me pass out now lol. Seriously thank you so much @AmandaFood for the $5 tip I greatly appreciate!
  • [ – ] SamEarl13 reply I do have respect for the guy for agreeing to do the interview, a lot of people would've dodged something like that. My opinion on him has definitely improved a lot even if I still don't really like how clickbaity his content feels. Problem is people like me tend to assume the worst because of all the past experiences there's been.
    • whako parent reply As I have said I have was greatly surprised he actually agreed to this I was quite excited to get into this, as this is the first time I've done this type of content. Props to him for sticking with it and being transparent to me Rawman about it. Yeah it is hard to trust after past experiences we just see if they change for the better now.
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