The Ancestral Argument for European Nationalism

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  • [ – ] Zabka reply The white YouTube community is seething with rage in their comments. No foresight or planning, only the intention to detonate. Sane voices like yours need to be heard, louder.
    • [ – ] VertigoPolitix parent reply I will spend the rest of my life sending this message to my own...
      • crforfreedom parent reply ...and I'll stand with you, and do my part; micro and macro. Micro with my own children; teaching them in the way they should go so when they are old, they shall not depart from it. Macro; like you though to a lesser, less articulate level, spread the word without fear or shame to country and world whose minds have been manipulated by Cultural Marxists and globalists, but not only don't know it, but don't even know what it is when they sense something isn't quite right....
    • Jasman777 parent reply A FUCKEN Men
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