SUPER BASS ORGASM: Sound System Makes Girl Orgasm! - EXTREME BASS

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  • Twerkenstein reply k WAIT!!!!! those were "THE 4 RIGHT CHORDES"!!!!!! g,d,a-,c, or d,a,b-,g.......look up "axis of awesome" ...If you don't understand what I'm saying....don't reply, If you understand (but disagree w/ the power of this note string) then you're a hipster, if you get it....cool
  • Twerkenstein reply PANTIES!!!!!! the most powerful word in the history of words.... LADIES!!!! say "My Panties" when you wanna make a guy horney, if you're feeling exposed & don't wanna be sexualized...avoid the word "Panties" at all costs....never make your "Safe Word" ...."Panties"
  • mikehellton reply does it happen to all chicks, ? make more, different chicks.
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