Monetization VIdMe vs. Youtube | Will Viewers Really Open Their Wallets or do people Expect Free Content

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  • [ – ] theMagdalenRose reply Haha you cheapskate! (jk) No, I agree and I think one of the solutions could be streamlining the process for tips/donations/subscribing so that creators only have to put in their info once for example. Or maybe allow them to accrue a bill monthly and then bill them one time monthly. Thanks for the shout out. :)
    • rulesforrebels parent reply lol sorry about that. I totally agree with you, its tough enough to get people to support a creator so make the process as easy as possible. One potential idea would be give everyone a wallet on their account you can preload with say $10, then you can with one click give $1 as a tip. Even Paypal someone could login to their account. With Stripe you have to h ave your card with you and even then I think many people are gonna be too lazy to get their card, enter card number, etc, all just to give $1
  • [ – ] SpeedyGaming reply I would love to tip creators at least a dollar, but seeing as how I am unemployed it makes it difficult for me to fork it over. Since I need to pay to feed myself some bread. But I agree that we should make an effort to push that, it would even help promote your channel because people know you are generous.
    • rulesforrebels parent reply I know a lot of people hate ads but I think creators or really any business model for that matter, you can either charge for content or people can deal with the minor inconvenience of ads which in turn support the creator or company. I know people don't like ads but most people also don't like to open their wallets either. As a consumer I'm happy to sit through an annoying ad if that supports someone I enjoy and that takes the place of me personally h aving to pay
  • [ – ] Spetsnaz_ reply ADs NEED to be implemented on Its the only obvious way of supporting creators on this site. To be honest, not a whole lot of people would go through the struggle of tipping or subscribing
    • rulesforrebels parent reply i totally agree with you. while im a creator myself and appreciate what creators do, the reality is we expect free content. like is said in the video i lost my shit when netflix raised prices like $1 despite getting a ton of value for under $10. even myself as a viewer, last night i wanted to give that girl a buck because i liked her video but i was too lazy to go get my wallet when stripe popped up. at least with paypal as the procesor i could just login but having to go get my credit card and enter my number to give a buck is honestly just too big of a hassle as sad at that sounds. i think a good suggestion may be let us load a wallet on this site with say $10 or $20 and then with one click give from that wallet to a creator, kind of like ali pocket for ali express. i agree though, viewers aren't going to open up their wallets enough to support a creator to the level ads would
  • InvaderBiNTV reply This is true, but one thing I do know is that viewers love to donate to people they love. If VidMe grows and people start reaching millions of followers/subscribers, $1 every other subscriber can go a long way.
  • [ – ] rulesforrebels reply Hey guys, just curious your thoughts on this? While I know everyone hates ads, and everyone hates what advertising tends to do to things which were once cool and grassroots and how it turns them corporate, at the end of the day it seems like were living in an age where people want and expect free content and if people aren't willing to open their wallets the only other way to make money is through advertising. Your thoughts?
    • [ – ] CapnMintbeard parent reply Donations can work. It seems to depend on the culture surrounding a particular website. comes to mind as a site where the subscription/donation model seems to work really well. Vid.Me could run ads, with a possible "subscribe to this channel to remove ads" feature which seems to work for things like mobile apps, etc. On the other hand, even with ads it is all too easy to use an ad-blocking browser extension. I feel like the donation structure will work better with proper incentives. I'm not verified yet so I haven't had a chance to look at the nuts and bolts of what vidme can do as far as that, but if creators could do something like subscriber exclusive videos or getting content early a la Patreon/Gamewisp that fans will pay if they feel the incentives are worth it. As an example, Super Beard Bros on YouTube has merchandise and a Gamewisp site where subscribers can see videos a month or more early and get exclusive videos. They have said that because of this they have more ...morecreative freedom than other creators as they don't have to rely on YouTube's algorithm and ad money.
      • [ – ] rulesforrebels parent reply im a huge fan of merch and having something to sell. i feel like while many people do donate just for the sake of donating i feel like most people whetehr they want a particular item or not at least like to receive something to feel like they are paying for something. a perfect example may be a creator who has an ebook or recipe book or something. i may dontae to them because im getting a book. chances are ill never even open or use the book but i want to support what they did or created where i wouldn't be as likely just to give them money for the sake of giving them money.
        • CapnMintbeard parent reply I think its also a question of scale. Big YouTubers who create as a business would need something more reliable than a tip jar, while smaller YouTubers (like me) wouldn't mind a little something here and there to help buy better equipment or other things directly related to content creation, not as a source of primary income.
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