Rytlock Brimstone Tribute [Guild Wars 2]

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  • [ – ] KotaTail reply Have you ever played the forst guild wars game? I used to be addicted 😂😂
    • [ – ] Wolfer parent reply GW1 was amazing!
      • [ – ] KotaTail parent reply Ikr! So sad the game is no longer popular because I used to be addicted! @Wolfer
        • [ – ] Wolfer parent reply Do you like GW2? Some parts are really good, but i wish they kept some of the creators from GW1... like capes and some of the classes
          • KotaTail parent reply Never was able to actually play it because I had a bad computer, but yes I really do like it. But I like GW1 better because the features comforted me more. Looking at GW2 it looks way more advanced in trying to perfect your skills. Not sure if there are even pieces of gw1 still on gw2.
      • KotaTail parent reply Factions was my favorite expansion, and the only time I set a legit character to lvl 20 maxed! And then died around 10,000 times because I was like 11, and never understood how important armor ratings were, and stick with the coolest looking, and mostly sucked, but now if you'd see me play, I'm probably gonna make my way to being very overpowered easily.
    • [ – ] MysticSword parent reply Hi there. No, I haven't played that one. Anyways, I hoped you enjoy this little tribute video. Thanks for the up-vote and commenting. :)
      • [ – ] KotaTail parent reply Np, mate! Did you make that tribute? It was really well made
        • MysticSword parent reply Yes I did. The original art-work was a static image. If you read the description, you will see mention about the various animations, effects, sounds and music I added to it to make this tribute scene.
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