Daily Monster X-042

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  • [ – ] PoliticPunk reply Nice! The thing about the "left" and the "right" is both say they are for freedom. Left wants government to give it to you and the "right " wants you to make it for your self
    • StefanBucher parent reply That's an interesting angle, and not far off the mark, I think. As a leftie, I'd argue that we want the government to guarantee freedoms for those who aren't in a position to take it for themselves. Of course, we also draw the lines differently of what constitutes freedom. Look at the EPA for example. I say the EPA helps to preserve my freedom to breathe air that won't give me cancer, and the right will say that the EPA curtails the freedom of every American to run their business as they see fit. The next few years will be interesting, thats' for sure!
  • [ – ] Memo_ reply This is so cool :D Such a good idea too.
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