Dark Souls - Most OP late-game Character

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  • Big_Bad_Bug reply 48 Vitality, 12 Attunement, 60 Endurance, 28 Strength, 50 Dexterity, 30 Intelligence. The rest is irrelevant. Basically, from what I've found, weapons scale based on 2 factors: Their actual letter scaling, and their base damage. That's why, when upgrading weapons, you can see that even when the letter scaling doesn't get higher (indicated by it being blue on the stats screen), the damage bonus still increases. Therefore, weapons with over 100 base damage have comparable scaling to those with A and S ranks. The Murakumo is a combination of both traits, boasting 113 starting damage and an A scaling at max level. Combine this scaling with that of a weapon buff, as catalysts scale more with intelligence than physical weapons do with strenght or dexterity, and you get a massive amount of added damage. I believe this is one of, if not the most, powerful weapons in the game. The 60 Endurance and 48 Vitality are not necessary for this build. The tankiness just comes as a bonus since I have ext...morera points that could've gone into strenght if I got any meaningful scaling out of it. For a pvp character at level 100-120, leave the Endurance at 40 and with less Vitality as well. Instead, go for 40 or 50 Intelligence (which I am aiming for as I acquire more souls to level up) and put any extra points into Vitality. The stunlock of the Murakumo against human players is incredible, multiplying the damage to absurd quantities and almost guaranteeing a kill against any non-hacker opponent.
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