Disturbing EU Internet Regulation Could Destroy Free Speech

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  • [ – ] wearegods reply You guys want some guns? Sounds like you guys need some guns. It's about time America steps in and brings democracy to the EU.
    • [ – ] JadeJicama parent reply That would be incredibly ironic, wouldn't it? If the US took over control of Britain?
    • [ – ] CulturalExile parent reply Over the years the subject of arming Britain's police would occasionally arise, always with police and public alike vehemently against, as we didn't want to become like the US. These days, however, circumstances make me wish we had the right to bear arms more than ever!
      • [ – ] Luciful_Mephisto parent reply Pfft, the liberals and europe just acted like we were being mindless barbarians who were hording onto guns in fear of "implausible conspiracies," regarding an "oppressive and over reaching government." HA! Shoes on the other foot now isnt, assholes!? Muwahahaha. {clears throat} Sorry, its just that our forefathers knew that something of this nature would eventually occur and that the only thing standing between them and our basic rights would quite possibly be a hand cannon.
      • [ – ] wearegods parent reply I've seen instances with the UK in which it would've been very wise to arm your police, these days more so than before, especially with the Muslim invasion creating crime riddled ghetto's.
        • [ – ] CulturalExile parent reply We've always had special armed units, as well as officers being 'tooled up' with unauthorised weapons in yesteryear - when a copper would beat the shit out of you with his old school truncheon if you messed with him. Not the pansy US truncheons we have today. In more recent years US-looking armed units have been set up and called upon when deemed necessary (which isn't enough), though police aren't respected or feared anymore as they've become Thought Police and the Dhimmi Squad for Islam, which virtually anyone can now join. They're a joke!
          • [ – ] wearegods parent reply Fair point to bring up, the police seem to be under the delusion that Islam is a race rather than a religion and are deathly afraid of being called "Racist" for enforcing the law in Muslim neighborhoods when they're doing horrible crimes. Similar to cops in the US in black neighborhoods, now patrolling them less so they're not called racist. Thusly crime just soars.
            • CulturalExile parent reply It's not always the fault of the cop on the street though. Police are forced from government level to follow certain agendas, make politically-motivated arrests, ignore many crimes by Muslims etc. I've seen so much disgusting behaviour. Follow @TommyRobinson to see how he's treated by the establishment, with the police as their lapdogs.
    • [ – ] andorios parent reply Canada could use some guns. Little help, America?
    • dead_man_walking parent reply I second that motion...👍
    • burnz_au parent reply um no thanks, every time America helps someone the government dies. and it's citizens
  • [ – ] mathphysicsnerd reply I am both more glad than ever that I am American and sickened that others suffer restrictions on their freedoms because the countries they happened to be born in are not defending freedoms as much as mine is.
  • Redo3169 reply So glad we're getting out of that dictatorship but can we get out by next week?
  • DATroll-ultimate-Edition reply The E.U a piece of FUCKING SHIT with an Islamic whore like Merkel
  • [ – ] TiberiusDuraga reply Ah, so the act was on display in the bottom of a locked filing cabinet stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying "Beware of the Leopard." At this point, whoever wrote it should just give up their job in the EU Parliament and get a job in Advertising.
  • SamEarl13 reply So sad that no matter how many times people resist it they come up with a new name and excuse to try taking over the internet. They're literally becoming like those supervillains you'd see in childrens cartoons -_-
  • [ – ] TiberiusDuraga reply So, time until EU goes into Civil War?
  • IAmMute reply This is terrifying stuff
  • Maplaptop reply UK is so fed up with the EU which is why they voted leave.
  • [ – ] lewren reply " I love the way these people seem to think they are going to get away with it, with no resistance from anybody at all. As if content creators and business people are just going to roll over and let it happen." ....... Man, you are quite enthusiastic about the future aren't you. I think its exactly whats going to happen. One or two of the people commenting here might be the cream of the crop, willing to take up arms and use force against the government, but most people wont. And if these brave souls did, they'd be killed pretty quick by either police or military. No way getting around this. They took over ICANN for a reason, and this is most likely it. Censorship will happen, and the only way around it at this point in time is decentralization. But from what I understand, no viable alternative for decentralized social-media/video/news exist.
    • [ – ] CulturalExile parent reply Unfortunately you're probably right about how the masses will - or rather won't - react to further censorship and communism. As for decentralisation: I suggest you look through @ComputingForever's videos, as there are a couple in which he details new social media platforms Minds, Gab and VidMe and plans to deal with decentralisation with BlockChain and/or Peer-to-Peer (P2P).
      • [ – ] lewren parent reply Hm, must have missed those. You mean Minds/vidme etc will evolve into decentralized platforms?
        • [ – ] CulturalExile parent reply I can't remember the specifics but that's the gist. Dave Cullen has been in regular contact with the founders, and decentralisation is seen as a necessity.
  • AngelofSorrow reply This is the sort of power play that will kneecap the E.U. Private companies and their employees, those looking to make private companies and what the masses(including the left) want to see online will just have elections swing right wing all the faster. France might be gone, but it's only a matter of time before the others follow the U.k's example. Besides, this won't stand, the left has a habit of cannibalizing itself.
  • NinjaPoolboy reply ...yet you support net neutrality? WTF
  • pokematic reply "Internet has to follow government broadcast regulations?" Oh that's a scary thought from an American perspective. There is SOOOO much that we can't show on TV here in the states (nudity and many fun swear words), and that would completely castrate the internet if people couldn't do that.
  • freerangehobo reply In the 1960s, we had "underground " news papers, "underground " music stations and underground movements because free thinkers back then were "communists " and risked being called that when speaking against the status quo. Perhaps this EU thing is history repeating itself. If so, they are in for a melee ' of storm troopers , a vast majority who've enjoyed freedom of speech for generations and are never going to let some unelected megalomaniacs trick it away from us.
  • LadyFuzztail reply I think at this point, I am okay if Britain declared war on Belgium.
  • dead_man_walking reply How can us, in the U.S., help you all, over there.
  • IAmMute reply Anybody​: What was the outcome?
  • AndyCooper66 reply Hi All. I had a response from my MEP on the dealings today which I pass on below (and no, not that Aggers).: -- quote This was a first reading legislative vote on a report. What was highly unusual was that we had a vote by secret ballot. We Normally only do this for elections for positions within the Parliament. I don't recall ever seeing this used in the field of legislation. It appears that it comes into play when the two major Parliamentary Groups are split between themselves and neither wants to demonstrate this publicly though through a Recorded Vote. In a further twist an individual MEP, just before the vote took place, tried to use an administrative procedure to delay the vote for referral back to Committee. UKIP supported him in this, along with many others, but he lost the vote. As far as the main vote went, UKIP had agreed to oppose this, and I am sure that we all did. However it was carried by 314/266. It will surface later this year for a Second Reading. Strang...moree as it may sound, second readings are nodded through without a vote. (Yes really). The only way this can be avoided is for an amendment to it, to be tabled. Mr Cooper has my assurance that UKIP will table at least one amendment, thus forcing the MEPs to vote. Aggers
  • AndyCooper66 reply Hello Dave. Well done on bringing my/our attention to this. It beggars belief (or does it). I wrote to my MEP's. Had an encouraging response from UKIP, though I grant that that's not that surprising. Keep up the good work.
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