GTA V Shoot To Thrill

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  • TrooperTru reply I used to play "GTA San Andreas" for the PS2; I was quite corrupted just from the first few minutes of playing it... and now I'm corrupted even more just from watching this. [LOL]
  • TrooperTru reply 4 stars?!? Going for 5?!?? Damn, lady, do you have a death wish?!? [LOL]
  • TrooperTru reply Oh no.... 2 stars! You got five-o on your ass again! Get off the streets, NOW!
  • TrooperTru reply [currently taking a break from working on my current project to see this video] Damn... I should be working on my project, but I am just too mesmerized by this cool-ass video from the Cool Canadian.
  • TrooperTru reply Ooh... I felt the tank flying! Look out Tanya, you got 5-0 trying to hunt you down!
  • [ – ] TrooperTru reply "Oh no! The Cool Canadian is on a Kill-Crazy Rampage! Clear the streets -- NOW!"
  • TrooperTru reply [video finished] That was crazy and funny as fuck! [LOL] [hugs] Good video Tanya.
  • TrooperTru reply Aw hell no! You shot down a helicopter! You must REALLY have a death wish! [LOL]
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