Theme of War - Adam's Arcade Soundtrack

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  • AnarchyofAdam reply @LittleOatplanter No real tips to give other than I do kind of like the little character you have there.
  • AnarchyofAdam reply @LittleOatplanter If you're a big YouTuber and you make your living through YouTube, I would say don't do a full switch. Now, you're probably not that. Since this website isn't a machine like YouTube (or at least not yet) it is undoubtedly the best option for growing an audience. The only way on YouTube to grow from nothing right now is to have someone who is bigger vigorously promote your content. Now, with all this said, your content here needs to have quality and creativity to grow. You know what I mean? Clearly effort needs to be put in, especially if you want to be featured.
  • AnarchyofAdam reply Before you ask if this is for a game, it's not. It's for a show I run on this channel titled Adam's Arcade.
  • LittleOatplanter reply why thank you, it only took my like 10 minutes XD
  • LittleOatplanter reply By the way my profile picture is not permanent, it is just some crap i put together to replace the default picture, i have some ideas on what i should do for my actual picture but i am not quite sure, any tips?
  • LittleOatplanter reply hello there, i have just made an account today on vidme for my digital art purposes and leaving my youtube for memes and funny moments, do you think that is a good idea? sincerely, your favourite son
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