BLONDE HAIR BERRY?! | BanterBerry Vlog

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  • [ – ] NickOfTime reply Don't lose hope, Sal. Even the most beautiful piece of glass had to pass through fire first.
  • [ – ] WolfandRaptor reply SalBanana?
  • [ – ] J_Ellen reply Things will get better, life can throw you some unnecessary shit or just heaps of unwanted inconvenience in your life. As long as you take time for yourself and don't burn yourself out, you'll be a-okay :) I can totally relate with the CPU issue. My PC is having issues editing videos and it's driving me insane xD Also I love your hair <3 Blonde really looks good on you, I can't wait to see how it looks with the pastel colours :D
    • [ – ] SalBerry parent reply Ah that sucks about your cpu, is it when editing or rendering it? My potato cpu couldn't handle rendering so I started using my gpu to render and it cut the time down dramatically :) I can't wait to get some colour back in my hair!!
      • [ – ] J_Ellen parent reply Definitely with rendering. My CPU runs at 100% every time and just kept crashing my Premier pro. I have to use my Macbook everytime which is frustrating... And that's totally understandable! I'm like that with my hair as well xD
        • [ – ] SalBerry parent reply Have you tried rendering with your graphics card?
          • J_Ellen parent reply Yes I have :) I'll be updating my PC just in case something wasn't updated properly. Hopefully that will fix everything ^_^"
  • [ – ] Wolfer reply Looking good BB (BlondeBerry)
  • smoothcc reply I really cant blame you for wanting to just enjoy your vacation. Also good luck with building your own PC. I've always wanted to build my own PC, buuuut I've always been too lazy to do it myself.
  • [ – ] sarah reply wow, i never realized how iconic the pink hair was on you. the blonde still looks nice though! can't wait to see your pastel pink hair :)
  • [ – ] RetroBit reply I saw that orb twice. I'm fairly certain with all the ghost expertise I do NOT have, that you're being haunted. RUN. RUN SAL. Sorry to hear about the house :-( Your trip sounds like a dream! I really wish I lived on that end of the pond sometimes as there are so so many more historical landmarks of interest over that way & a plane ticket there is thousands of dollars. Also, the blond hair looks awesome on you & nearing THIRTY IS NOT GETTING OLD. Don't... don't make me feel old... Hahah.
  • [ – ] Anonymous_Gamer reply You need to find another unicorn to get your color back!!!
  • [ – ] MrATAndreiThomas reply Wow nice gold hair Sal.
  • InvertedReality reply Hair looks great! Hope things start looking up for you soon girly! Sending love from the states!
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