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  • [ – ] duffy reply hey guys, vidme mod here (for those of you who don’t know me). we’ve addressed this a few times before when people have asked (including here in our reddit ama: https://www.reddit.com/r/NewTubers/comments/5sw8hm/were_the_team_behind_vidme_a_new_creatorfirst/) but a small group of mods has the power to upvote videos more than once on behalf of other members of the vidme team. we know it’s not a perfect system as it stands, which is why we plan to phase it out as the community continues to grow and the hot feed algorithm is further developed (it’s still pretty new). it’s important to us that the best videos and channels are surfaced by the community in a democratic way. let us know if you have any questions about this—as always, we’re glad to answer them and appreciate your input on how to make vidme better.
    • [ – ] Bansic parent reply Having a select few videos deemed appropriate by a select few people doesn't seem very "democratic" to me. While I understand the intentions, it takes away the reward of earning those views and upvotes while simultaneously taking away from the community the freedom to choose their own favorite videos to be featured on the front page. This wouldn't be a problem if the criteria for "best videos" wasn't restricted to either featured creators or youtubers with an already massive following. This system only allows the big to get bigger, a problem that many Vidme Creators left YouTube for.
      • Bansic parent reply I am glad that it's getting phased out, but I'm more upset that it was even implemented to begin with. It just feels awfully unfair.
    • WARPATH_GAMING parent reply As a content creator on @vidme and a person that uploads almost every day. I understand some peoples frustration here. Please understand that vidme isn't picking favorites, not by a long shot.....As stated before i am more than happy to consult with other content creators about how to expand their viewership and help build their channels.....all it takes is clicking that mailbox icon on my channel. Hope to talk to some of you soon!!! Always happy to help
  • [ – ] mintteamew reply Do @alex and @warren know about this?? I can't imagine that this would be seen as okay. Vote manipulation to such an extreme is so wrong :<
    • [ – ] warren parent reply Hey! Yes, this is a legacy feature from when our front page was just team picks. We’re phasing it out. See Duffy’s reply in this comment thread.
      • [ – ] mintteamew parent reply It kind of makes me sad because part of the fun of making videos is getting an upvote notification :< and to know that someone liked your video. Especially if it is a member of vidme staff :3. So if everyone at vidme liked a video, why can't they just slap a upvote on it themselves? I think everyone there has accounts and if they liked the video enough to elect someone to upvote for them couldn't they just upvote it?
        • [ – ] warren parent reply Most of the engineers on our team are pretty shy / consumed with making improvements to the Vidme site and apps, but I agree with you that they shouldn't be able to vote by proxy. We're fixing this.
          • mintteamew parent reply I know how busy you all are at vidme, running a website isn't easy, but when you and your team take time out of your day to watch our videos and give it an upvote or comment it really means a lot. That's partly why I'm having such a hard time with this vicarious upvote thing. I had always admired the vidme team for being so active and caring in the community.
    • Bansic parent reply Absolutely! Maybe @duffy knows something about it, since he was the only other upvote on that video.
  • WolvenMedic reply Why do you think myself and other creators on here have lost steam and drive? And as a featured creator myself, trust me it's not happening to all of us. Only a select few. Been going on for a little while now but the rest of us have been trying to push through. I'm trying to ignore the fact and hope people find and like my content for me. That's all anybody should really want.
  • [ – ] Chicknwings reply If I was worried about getting views and upvotes so much, then I would have quit a very long time ago. I do this more or a hobby and less of a job. Cause if people comment my content saying that how much they like my videos, even if it's just one person, then I'm ok with that. Yes I understand that I am one of those featured creators, but I've been making videos for 10 years and am just doing my part on here to make content frequently as possible for my enjoyment.
    • [ – ] Bansic parent reply I also do this as a hobby, but you gotta think about it from our stand point. As content creators, we strive to make stuff that will be entertaining for our viewers, and it hurts deeply when we work hard to improve ourselves only to be shoved to the side for other people who merely did the right thing at the right time. Not only that, but it hurts just as much that we don't even have people to entertain. We love doing this, but what's the point of trying to entertain when there's nobody to entertain. This is a passion for us, so naturally when the benefits of it are stolen from us we would get upset.
      • [ – ] Chicknwings parent reply You're missing the point of where I was getting at. If I get support from just only a handful of people who actually comment on my videos, then it's my job to make sure that they are satisfied with my content. That's what makes support for my videos different then worrying about people who upvote just to get you to check out their channel. If I'm going to check out your videos, then I would have done so already. That's why I only respond with videos that either get posted up on Discord, or by trending on the front page. Plus a hobby is supposed to be about having fun. Accomplish that, then you don't need to worry about the rest. Just enjoy what you have, and if you aren't then just get away from it.
        • Bansic parent reply You're missing my point as well. I wasn't disagreeing with you, but elaborating on why this poses a problem, in that it draws audience interaction towards a select few people that don't need it as they already have it. I have been making videos for nearly 7 years (not as long as you have apparently but still a decent chunk of my life spent doing this) and I have next to the same audience interaction I had from day one, despite getting better equipment, becoming more experienced at creating content, etc. I love what I do and I don't intend to stop, and the rare few people that occasionally interact with what I make I truly adore. That's why I'm so protective of what I have because it's so easily taken away by things like this.
    • WARPATH_GAMING parent reply Bravo dude, i feel the same way. This guys knows what he is talking about. Thanks for sharing @Chicknwings
    • Roboyed parent reply I feel the same way, I just do it for fun and not really for the views.
  • Bansic reply In all honesty though, I noticed this too and even though I messaged people about it, they told me to talk to someone else about it/danced around the question. Agreed with @WolvenMedic , seeing this kind of thing happen did kinda kill my motivation to create stuff for this site, especially if it'll never see traction because Vidme staff chose someone else to "sell" their website.
  • JPGouki_ reply I actually noticed this a ways back. That views and upvotes were inflated in a sense. The times I've gone to the site to watch my favorite creators I noticed that the same people were always at the top trending. Majority of the time it's because of the team picks. Kinda looked like vidme was biased on their creators, whom they wanted to promote and who they didn't care for. I wish they'd get rid of team picks, get rid of "asking for a feature video" cuz it's not right. The community decides. My fav peeps @mariathegerman and @dookiswatching don't need the inflation cuz they have a cult following, those two always shoot to the top. Quality and the community should determine the trending page, not 6 people.
  • Bansic reply Vidme Exposed 2: Exposed Harder
  • [ – ] xNoble_Guardian reply Wow that is really bad
  • [ – ] dramasnail reply grab yo pitchforks!
  • [ – ] Aiya reply As a featured creator, i don't think that just because you are a featured creator you will get to trending. However I agree in this case that this is something wrong. I hope @vidme fix this soon.
  • bayportguys reply We see our vid at the top 👀 But great video @ImSalty thanks for shedding light on this issue
  • Y2JayDoesAsia reply Something everybody to keep in mind is that no algorithm, or system, or business is "fair". The battle for viewership in online video is not a fair playing field because certain people on Youtube got started early, got the advantages in the early days (like the misleading thumbnail thing, and video responses) and the Youtube of today is readically different (and harder) than 2005. Vidme is similar. It's not a bad system right now but still not perfect. For those of you saying this is "not fair". Yes. You're right. However. Life is not fair. Business is not fair. And at the end of the day the business of online video is fickle, shallow and requires a number of things to achieve success, marketting, getting shouted out, timing, SEO, a whole range of things. None of these things are necessarily "fair". The example I always point to is Casey Neistat. Is he somehow waaaay more talented than everybody else? HELL NO. Talented yes, but like super duper talented? no. The guy got his breaks be...morecause some of his vids went viral, ie- other people boosted them. Without getting boosted, he'd be "another small youtuber" like the 99%. The point I'm making is, the playing field is not fair, it will never be perfectly fair, you can either accept this and move on, or let it make you "salty".
  • Brotacular reply Not sure if you are interested but I just uploaded a video talking about a Vidme exposure that you may be interested in, We believe vidme is botting views
  • [ – ] WebNoob reply I mean, if you want more exposure so bad, you could just share your videos yourself... Cause I did that with Reddit on a couple of my vids. Fake uptoving seem quite desperate.
    • [ – ] HeroicVillain parent reply I don't know, exposure isn't all it's cracked up to be. You end up with court dates and community service...and that awkward thing you have to do every time you move to a new neighborhood.
      • [ – ] WebNoob parent reply Doesn't happen to me. I know how to hide the bodies well.
        • [ – ] HeroicVillain parent reply Really? We should compare notes. Can't ever seem to find a shovel that works right for me. Keeps blistering my fingers like Helter Skelter. I feel like I'm doing something wrong. Should I be wearing gloves?
  • AmberHart reply Vid.me needs changed some things so it can be better at linking you to the next video of the Subscribed person that you like watching, no next link to go from the end of the video. just throwing it out there to try to make it easier. (No way to link onto this person next video once done watching this one.)
  • kcjonescentral reply Lel this video is upvote boosted :P
  • ElevatorsPlusMore reply Thats a Big Mystery!
  • CuneiformHub reply What's up with factfile? Getting verified after their first video or so, it's as if vidme personally loves them.(from what I remember they only had their intro up when they got verified) As for community involvement, factfile has only commented on their own videos with the sole exception of upvoting a video made BY VIDME. I've got nothing against factfiule, but boy oh boy, were they **lucky**.
  • Senjecko reply So Silly!
  • [ – ] JarAxe reply You Scottish?
    • HeroicVillain parent reply That's what she...asked. :-/ Now that I think about it, that was a pretty odd thing to ask. Is there something special Scottish dudes do that other....*trails off confused*
  • comingthrough reply ive cracked da kode
  • [ – ] DisgracedDoor reply Bush did 9/11
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