The Gender Orgasm Gap

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  • blindfire reply The author: men are pigs, how dare they give us what we want and then feel good about it! Sane people: wait, what?
  • blazedu reply Why do women feel the need to fake their orgasms? Just tell your partners about it and try to find a solution together.
  • emma_watson reply orgasms are nice
  • PFLKekistan reply Sex is a team effort, if you try to restrict it to the viewpoint of just one of the two sexes, you obviously will have a skewed attitude toward sex... Also, if you've developed an attitude like that, you probably haven't had a very good sex life...
  • ChrisGilliam1 reply Men have more orgasms than women? Who the heck is she messing with? It's more like 5 to 1 in favor of the woman. At least for my women.
  • Xexor reply Only an a-hole would care about their own pleasure and not about their partner. Oh, wait, I guess that describes many feminists. . . .
  • RetroBit reply Once you're finished reading my article I'll smother any inch of libido you have left over. lmao! Apparently she hasn't been able to "get to the finish line" in a loonnngggg time with articles like that.
  • WolfUnwilling reply The reason feminists like this get angry over orgasms is because they know they can't get any.
  • Cellblock776 reply Wait...Men have more orgasms than women? Really? OK, maybe if you count guys solo masturbation sessions but in the bedroom with a partner? Bullcrap. Women always have more orgasms. My ole lady would cum 2,3 or more times easily and I would nut once, maybe. Sometimes I'd be working so hard on her that I would wear myself out and not even bust a nut. OR, She'd be worn out and push me away with "Stop, I've got to rest. I'm all cummed out" and I'd be like "cool. I'm good. I'll save this for later and glaze you over like a donut next time." And the next time was always great because she felt like she owed me for waiting. After a break, ding, ding, Round 2. Maybe it's because these SJW libtards women are hanging out with effeminate beta males who don't know how to properly service a woman. Yes I get a ego boost watching my woman orgasm. I please her and she reciprocates. That's what a "partnership" means.
  • Victor_von_Doom_Jr reply Liberal women have less orgasms because you don't fuck crazy. Cats for the pussies.
  • IncredibleCanemian reply Gotta love how they found a way to make enjoying the enjoyment of others sexist. Like what the actual fuck.
  • VybeyPantelonez reply Abstract: if u need a study to tell u how to make a woman cum, just give up lol.
  • GeorgeEnglish reply Feminism was designed by Khazar men to get more tax from one household.
  • [ – ] blazedu reply I wish i could have multiple orgasms. But i have to deal with the cooldown so only 3 or 4 max per day. How can this woman take an action from men to please the woman into appropriation? We can't enjoy bringing you to orgasm? Well, you can date your dildo for the rest of your life then. IMO, if she doesn't cum, the sex is not fulfilling. It needs to be good for both of us. And another thing, bringing the lady to orgasm is not something to brag to your bros you dumb cunt.
    • Badger_Wild parent reply There was an article from a feminist, "I forget who" who wanted to enslave all men and milk them like cattle for their jizz
  • Shimeran reply How the hell are they not getting that putting intelligence into the privilege umbrella may undermine the negative connotations they're going for? On a side note, when you get some breathing room I'd be interested in seeing what Patreon alternatives you've hunted down. Until then, you have my sympathies.
  • [ – ] GoRiLLaZ445 reply Why am i on this..
  • Dazzlinglatte reply I always thought that Cosmo's articles about relationships & sex were a little bit silly, but this one really takes the cake!! 🤣
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