Story Time My Brain Is Sick

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  • BSDetector reply My Brain in sick was originally uploaded to her main YT channel on 8th January 2017. This was the first time we would see her sympathy ploy in action since she started her channel. She was getting criticism for the amount of Onion videos she had already uploaded by the point, she uploaded this in response to that criticism. This is part of her regular cycle which goes as follows; Lovebomb > say something controversial > call anyone who calls her out a hater and falsely accuses them of taking her out of context or of being too stupid or sensitive to understand the "joke" > doubles down with the sperging and victimhood > pretends to take on board advice, that she didn't understand, etc > does the I'm so depressed/sick drive, cries > win back support. Repeat from step one. On and on it goes
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