Dad,Finds Out School Is FORCING Islam Down His Son’s Throat!

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  • GradVM reply Immediately some brainwashed SJW said "you're bigot" - that's their default response to anyone... Homeschooling - the answer is simple (cut the bureaucratic scum off).
  • fancyfig reply or, here's an idea: teach kids about all world religions, because they're a major force in history and in modern society that if not learned about in an objective educational way, they'll learn from people yelling about them online and in the media whom might not be the best informed. i grew up with muslims, i learned about islam from them, i've even gone to a mosque and preyed with them. and yet i've not converted, and i don't care so much for sharia law, i find islam to be a false idea, a bad idea even, but it is not dangerous idea, talking about it doesn't turn people into zombies or zealots or terrorists, ideas can only spread information and empathy, and correct falsehoods. the fear of ideas is what i find truly worrying.
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