Bromance, totally gay? (mgtow)

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  • wearegods reply @MikeTheMugger no problem, figured I'd catch it before someone else chimed in with "Uh, actually ..."
  • MikeTheMugger reply @timetraveler Yep, there is science to back up what you're saying. And thanks for catching that nuance.
  • wearegods reply Being gay myself, I'm going to confirm that yes, being gay is not normal. The definition of normal being something that is most pervasive throughout society, something extremely common. So yes, it's not normal. Natural, yeah, sure, homosexuality exists throughout the animal kingdom. Normal? Nope.
  • MikeTheMugger reply also, people have this nasty habit of assuming that "not normal" always means "bad" or "evil" or some other variant of undesirable. Trying to put words in your mouth, etc.
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