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  • HaruNyaan reply Because you're being a moron who joins a cult just for attention. I was very close to joining as a Muslim and even learned how to do a hijab. She has no idea how to properly wear hijab, and she has no idea what happens after she becomes Muslim. First, they will welcome and congratulate, then will come the holding her to prove she is Muslim, and telling her what she's doing wrong. At that point, she will tell them how THEY'RE wrong, and then she will make very dangerous enemies. I know people who weren't a YouTuber and had to change their names to get out of being a Muslim safely. If she thought normal haters are bad, wait for the problems to start, and they can use their networking to find her and kill you. That's all they will do to her once she begins this path because as she said, she won't change, and to be a Muslim you HAVE to change to what THEY require.
  • ActionBastard33 reply Trying to get them sympathy points. (She doesn't even wear the hijab unless she is on camera.)
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