Message in the Clouds

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  • VitriolVic reply Ur WRONG! LOL From front to back: Kermit, Fozzie the Bear, Oscar the Grouch & Snuffleupagus from behind Big Bird with that military rifle.<<<Big Bird finally realized its a nonbinary asexual Bird Muppet, loses it & goes after his male oppressor muppets!!!... :)
  • [ – ] watertiger reply I live near El Paso Texas, I have not seen Mexican troops on the border where I live. I think you are getting bad intel brother. The Mexican Army is weak and pathetic and they are getting there asses handed to them by the drug cartel. If any thing Mexico needs the United States Army to help them fight the cartel. But they are to proud to ask the USA for help. Take it from me Vonhelton Mexico is not threat to America at least as far as there 3rd world sorry military is concerned. I worked with the Mexican military while I was in the US Army so I would know. We did a joint exercise back in the 80's down near Progesso Mexico. When I was in the 1st armored cav.
    • VonHelton parent reply
  • Trx125 reply aztec warriors, that's what i see.
  • sarcophix reply sorry to hear about your son Vonhelton . Hope you can get him and you some help now.
  • [ – ] KentuckyMan reply Is that you walking up the hill at the end credits?
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