That tank I was talking about along the creek

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  • Cellblock776 reply It's an M60A3. They were in service in the US Army until the late 1980s. I was an M1 Abrams tanker and we were the new thing in the early-80s and by 1988 the M-60s were on the way out. They had been around since the Vietnam War. By the time I was in Desert Storm, 1990, a few Reserve units still had M-60s but all of the Active units were driving M1s or M1A1s. The M-60s can still be found in some foreign military units but are very out of date.
  • GermanMadman reply There's an M60 just like that near where I live. Very similar situation to this one it's just sort of hanging out randomly. There's a tiny plaque near it but it's just an odd spot. Cool find though I love seeing old tanks.
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