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  • MarzieMalfoy reply He did the follow and unfollow with me too. That's how I found him. I thought for the longest time he was following me but then about a week or two ago I got a notification that he followed me again.... I was like "Oh I see what you did there." He hurt a lot of people.
  • [ – ] SamEarl13 reply When I think about it I did mysteriously lose a follower one day so I guess that was him. I follow a lot of people almost like a trial period but I'd never ask people to sub or watch my content (its a bit too random anyway). I'll look at your other content later :)
    • Chicknwings parent reply It never hurts to ask. Just don't try and do it for the sake of wanting to be the most popular person on the site. We all are trying to help each other out on here.
  • [ – ] TheArkady reply Oh gosh... The sub4subs back in the day. I remember that crap lol
  • TheScreaminGoat reply I didn't know about the follow unfollow thing but I do remember the sub4sub garbage back in the day. Sadly on YT they still do it but they try to butter you up by leaving nice comments and trying to coax you into subbing to them just for them to unsub you 5minutes later (anytime people comment like that on my YT it gets deleted).
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