Bodycam Footage Of The Final Moments Of A Meth Addict

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  • justin_hutchings reply Thank god for vidme. Fuck YouTube.
  • [ – ] Rayzon reply Who is here because it got striked on Youtube?
  • [ – ] undercoverarmy reply Portishead
  • whitezombie reply To all the retards out there who don't know what the fuck they are talking about. Go watch a video with a meth addict having a fit. These people are extremely violent and don't feel pain. The officer was in danger of his life. That meth head could given the chance take the weapon of the officer and use it to kill him. Justified shooting. If there is an error on the part of the officer, then it is that he was alone, and did not call the shelter to have someone at the door to help him. But i am not local i don't know if the shelter even has a working phone or if they have enough staff on the night shift. Anyway you cut it the moment he assaulted the officer he was dead meet. You don't like it? pray. Pray very hard that you never ever meet a drug addict out to score in the middle of the night alone. You will lose your property and maybe your life.
  • [ – ] Forbidden303 reply Is this the dark Web....... I'm scared!
  • malphius reply I live in fucking Akron and never even heard of this. This place is home to so much trash it's beyond belief. Can't wait to move the fuck out. But hey, at least University of Akron's mascot is a Roo!
  • tomfool reply Never say never. You need a tattoo of elephant ears around your general area
  • nayltepuffs reply Master Tracey...Sir. I....I'm so sorry bout stupid youtube. Bout...everything. Thank you oodles...for all you do. And....and yes. The drugged up man....was stupid. Another reason why I only prescribed.
  • Brandon_Thompson reply Really liked the intro music.
  • [ – ] Jakugen reply The anti-cop no matter what people have a case of political aids. They want nothing more than to remove all protections from themselves and to empower criminals to act with impunity.
    • frbe0101 parent reply actually some of them believe just that, some of them believe in anarchocommunism: remove all goverment and order and people will magically form communes and live in peace and harmony... seriously.
  • [ – ] jujinz reply Totally justified shooting. RIP Billy.
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