All the Propaganda in the World Won't Save the Failing Legacy Media

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  • Brandon95 reply The legacy media is failing, failing, failing. The legacy media is failing, my fair lady.
  • [ – ] Cynical-Bastard reply It's about time. Cut the cable already, people. Live a little.
  • Thurisaz17 reply Good. Let it die. Before it dies, let it drain the coffers of the corporations that sponsor it and prop it up. The unfortunate thing is that the corporations who try to spread their propaganda won't learn a fucking thing and they'll try to do it again. So we'd have to endure another wave of brain rot, but ultimately it would fail again. I think the biggest plus is that they've crossed the point of no return. Good. Let it die.
  • [ – ] Liberty_Surveillance reply I liked Johnny Carson for late night. Now I go to bed at 8.....old guy.
  • brileevir reply Actually jump cuts are F'ing annoying. People who are sick of cable are also sick of cheap tricks that try to hide lack of content.
  • [ – ] American_Girl reply Fox hires pretty blond women with 1950's makeup and pearl necklaces.
  • Leppa reply Yeah, Vidme is better
  • [ – ] CultOfTheJim reply Bam's crew did better work with their CKY videos than they did with Jackass. They filmed shit that was potential felonies in those. It got too kid-friendly when they scored the MTV sponsorship.
  • ARTPAD reply Brian Williams ~ Styx
  • [ – ] Wolfskinz reply Im in the UK many we have to pay £150 a year to own a tv. I've had no television set for ten years
  • [ – ] RumIsHealthy reply Pls no intro, intros are nothing more than waste of everyone's time....
  • Liberty_Surveillance reply Keith Oberman (sp) is a nice place to visit if you've swallowed something poisonous and need to vomit.
  • brileevir reply Brian Williams is the anchor who lied about the rocket. What's disgraceful is that he's still on air. MSLSD, I believe.
  • [ – ] PuchoAlmighty666 reply It's really HARD for people to get rid of TV/Cable, when they want Internet service. Which is (mostly) provided by these huge companies (like: Comcast, AT&T, etc) in the form of a "bundle" & end up paying like $100s or more.
  • Hydrolysis reply great content, as usual.
  • kikkie2 reply Styx always has 10.2 of filler on standby..
  • wolfalexzemla reply The cool kids will always be outside of the masses. and the masses will try to follow while big corporations try to sell it to them till big gov wants to capitalize on it and the left wants to control/shut it down.
  • DavyDevilution reply STYX' GREATEST "HITS" I'd buy this on Vinyl LP!! haha
  • Queer_Bird reply Good words, but button your shirt up for the love of Satan
  • Whovian72 reply I cut cable 5 years ago, I do not miss it at all. Cut the cable and can get my news from the internet and any other programming. There are also OTA (Over the Air) channels being broadcast with a lot of digital channels with the main networks if you so inclined to watch them, as well as PBS channels. Use that extra savings by buying faster speed internet.
  • HenrikG reply And there you pissed of Sargon, Molyneux, Pohl and sooo many others. :D
  • HenrikG reply Why not just use the existing anti-trust laws?
  • ClimatePonziLie reply The legacy media still has a lot of leftist supporters as it pushes their agenda that saw NO censorship on YouTube or Google. It's those that supported Trump and conservative views that saw how biased the Main Stream Media was and also saw Google and YouTube make attempts to silence them. The legacy media has taken many blows as it was the alternative media that exposed their lies and bias. It will only fall if we keep exposing their lies. Google, YouTube and Amazon have gone out of their way to support censorship on the internet, and they are loosing commentators that have felt this censorship and are choosing to support alternative formats. In the meantime these same video producers have decided to take legal action against their first amendments rights being violated by these Monopolies. I look forward to the day that the other alternative media sites rival YouTube. This is a case where three (3) Monopolies on the Internet have teamed up to censor one side of the political spectrum...more and silence free speech ( Conservative) opinion this is also called a CARTEL which is even greater violation of Anti Trust Rules. Google, YouTube, Amazon have violated this law when they teamed up to silence the Conservative view point.
  • Synthgames reply This guy is good, great video Styxhexenhammer666
  • Synthgames reply The legacy media is failing, but the legacy government isn't far behind.
  • VideoTrashCan reply How can I get one of those coffee mugs?
  • VybeyPantelonez reply Ommmmggg im just thinking about if you used jump cuts styx..... LMAO .... i prefer just long form because we're not in a hurry and when people use them i feel spastic
  • VybeyPantelonez reply I agree on not classifying websites as utilities. I say let yt do whatever they want. It's a service, your choice whether or not to use it. I heard that they're now taking down all kinds of videos into limited state but a video of a child getting hung is bumped into the trending section..... yeah .... i dont miss yt, thanks.
  • American_Devil reply I checked in on Pewdie the other day, it was a Tuesday afternoon, internet was dead, he had 30,000 people watching his steam, donations were flying in, he has tapped into a vain of stupid followers the legacy media has been prospecting for for many years, they have to be pissed... The funniest thing was the character he chose (he was playing a game) was a black woman, LOL This was just after the word copped him for his choice of words...I hope he decides to be a prick at some point, it would be funny, :) Yeah the sooner they fall the better, :)
  • epimetheus_1776 reply The important question is how long will it take for them fail into irrelevance
  • PsychoticPhilosophyPodcast reply Styx, why am I seeing ads on your vidme channel???
  • wolfalexzemla reply kill it before it dies
  • RouteDog reply Styx me thinks that you be a Pirate Arrr! I think that a Constitutional Amendment is required for this reason if a law was written to codify First and Fourth Amendment protections to the internet and then a judicial challenge was made to any or all of the legislation and as you, said someone were to" bite the bullet" and the case was litigated up to the Supreme Court of the United States would really trust the court to render the proper opinion as in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, 2010 (5-4 decision) for example or one from history Dred Scott v. Sandford, 1857 (7-2 decision). This is why I believe that Constitutional Amendment is required. I would like to know your rationale behind your belief that legislation is better than Constitutional Amendment or do a video to clarify your position on this subject. I believe this the second time that you have brought up the idea of legislation vs a Constitutional Amendment. If you would like to carry on this discussion further...more feel free to DM me at @routedog1 It’s time for a new American party, lose the Democrat and Republican labels. Join the Pirate Party of America. We will steal good ideas from anyone!
  • [ – ] VonMotes reply expand (possible spam) These CNN CIA Luminescent Niggers are really bully raping America.
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