Google why are you doing this

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  • [ – ] Totenglocke reply I'm sorry, but the voice distortion you use makes it extremely hard to understand you. πŸ˜•
    • [ – ] Modwain parent reply i didnt use voice distortion. i wil try to see what i can do to make it better, or maybe it didnt play right for you, can you check this vid on youtube too? see if it is distorted there too? please, let me know
      • JonTheBemused parent reply Just to let you know that it sounded fine to me. πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘
      • [ – ] Totenglocke parent reply I skipped around through the video after you replied. I guess there's just an echo at the beginning that makes it sound like a "robot" voice filter. I'll give it a watch in the morning. ☺️
  • [ – ] basic_goku reply Well what happens happens and white people would have this problem if their leaders didn't colinize tge whole world.
    • [ – ] Modwain parent reply yeah, thats not true though. after all, before the whites colonized, the arabs conquered and the africans conquered, actually, every culture that could has, so why is it the whites that are the problem?
      • [ – ] basic_goku parent reply It's more or less the global state under the leaders, I just don't know why whites need all this power over everyone else.
        • [ – ] Modwain parent reply over who do the whites hold power in asia, africa and south america?
          • [ – ] basic_goku parent reply Have you ever heard of a successful black town in America, look up the massacre of Tulsa Oklahoma.
            • [ – ] Modwain parent reply No, i have not, have you? But i have heard of succesfull towns and even countries going to hell after ethnical cleansings happening. how much power did the whites hold in Zimbabwe whilst the government helkped drive out, kill and destroy white farmers a few years ago, only to have been suffering from food shortages ever since? how was this a 'because of white folks' thing?
              • [ – ] basic_goku parent reply We can have a legitamate disscussion on this if u want.
                • [ – ] Modwain parent reply aye, would be nice, copuld do it as a hangout if you want. I am on minds as you asked, @Modwain
                  • basic_goku parent reply Alright my minds account is the same name as my vidme message me and we can disscuss their we can disscuss the specifics their.
          • [ – ] basic_goku parent reply Yes, we wouldn't have teylor swift all over china if it weren't true. But, then again black people should try to seek acceptance from white people.
            • [ – ] Modwain parent reply so there is white privilege in china? how about the dutch dude that is facing murder charges because his neighboor fell of his roof and now they blame him for it?
  • [ – ] VybeyPantelonez reply Hey what is the exact search string?
    • [ – ] Modwain parent reply european people history, though i have been told by other peopple that there pushing of colored over white is rather normal on other searches as well, for example, if you look at white woman with family, you will nearly only find interracial coppels, though when looking for black woman with family, you will find mostly black families.
      • [ – ] VybeyPantelonez parent reply Interesting. I will have to see for myself but if youre telling the truth: this is very odd lol.
        • [ – ] Modwain parent reply yeah, when i first heard of it i thought it was prolly a hoax, so i tried it too.. don't take my word for it, but share the word once you have checked it please. I have no problem with different ethnicities living together, i do however, hve a problem about lying about it
          • VybeyPantelonez parent reply Totally agree. ... i really dont care at all what color someone is but at the same time stuff like this i find very strange πŸ€”
    • Modwain parent reply european people history. Though i have been made aware that if you look for this on other searchengines the same results pop up
  • VybeyPantelonez reply W.....T.......F...... have u stumbled upon.... wowwwwww... i dont even remember following you but i do always followback and if i see a cool comment will often follow and boy am i glad i did... this cannot be real but if it is... .... ...
  • [ – ] JonTheBemused reply Criticism, lol. No chance. First #GoogleAreEvil Secondly, this is not an isolated instance. I recently saw a video by The Iconoclast ("How The British Empire Abolished Slavery | Atlantic Slave Trade | European Slaves" - in which he recounted Google results with respect to slavery that were, frankly, just lies and distortions. You should check it out. It's a really interesting video, but the parts about the information Google provides are shocking.
    • Modwain parent reply thanks for sharing, nice vid, really nice. kinda makes me think on the series that saint clare made.
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