A Day at the Movies : Dunkirk - Part 2

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  • AlexA1591 reply Haha you got the COD trailer too! My Mrs had to shh me as I was shouting profanities at the screen
  • HotSoupYum reply Any plans to upload your new videos here as well as YouTube? Is this going to be a mirror, or more of a place for off vids?
  • mrelephanteatingman reply there are no boats of that kind left, too rare and they wanted it to be authentic. Yes could have computer generated it, and should have. But good intentions to keep that part authentic. Fuck the gliding spitfire though
  • Schattenkater reply Hell, even movies are consoleised today :-)
  • kryptikkomatose reply mack im a youtube sub and i love these non gaming vids so happy your making them please keep them up its not bigyet but soon you'll get your audience here
  • Sagara_Sousuke reply By the way Mack, Vidme works like SH### for me
  • Sagara_Sousuke reply I hated the movie, such a good opportunity, wasted, of showing that great operation at Dunkirk.
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