Google Fires James Damore Confirming His Memo's Point. The Case for a Tech First Amendment

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  • [ – ] Sock_Puppet reply Boycotted Google for this, take note Vidme!
  • [ – ] phobes reply For those searching for the unedited memo -
  • [ – ] theyellowtub reply In Norway it's illegal to fire someone for their political opinions. The US should do the same
    • phobes parent reply On one hand we have the need to protect peoples' right to speak their mind on political and religious subjects. On the other we have private business owners, such as myself, who should never be told by the government who they can and can't employ, and for what reasons. Quite the conundrum.
    • [ – ] Liberty_Surveillance parent reply NO! It is a private business decision. I think it will help them in their demise. I can and will fire anyone that I deem necessary.
      • [ – ] hasher411 parent reply You are 100% right! google will get whats coming to the, and the guy that they fired will end up for the better.
        • Liberty_Surveillance parent reply I got "laid off" and was to transfer to a companmy as part of a partial sale of a company. I thought it was the worst thing ever. I was bribed by a sign on bonus and 2M worth of stock options. Sometimes getting fired is the gest thing that can happen.
  • FunkyMunky reply We should spread another 'ism'. Multiideologicalism. The embracing of multiple ideologies. If they disagree we can screech at them and call them multiideolophobes
  • [ – ] VybeyPantelonez reply I dont understand why the left is so obsessed with diversity.. i dont even consider someones physical qualities only whether they do a good job or not. You think business owners care if youre black or white or other??? They dont give a #&%^ about anything but the bottom line
    • phobes parent reply The left is not obsessed with diversity, they're obsessed with zealotry. It's difficult to present facts or arguments when you can simply label people as bigots, sexists, racists and homophobes.
    • GamesterX parent reply Right, thats like the women make $0.77 on the $1.00 lie. All companies would hire only women!!
  • NorthernBear reply Switching everything from google this week
  • [ – ] abetterwest reply Today Chrome got replaced by Firefox and Google Search for DuckDuckGo. I'm absolutely over these communist fuck heads. Those fucking girls that said they were too scared to go to work today, and going about their feelings can fuck off.
    • [ – ] phobes parent reply Agreed, but it looks like DDG has potentially been compromised. I'd give a try, it gives you multiple search engines to query and I've had good results thus far.
      • [ – ] FunkyMunky parent reply I've been using the same setup. What makes you say that duckduckgo is compromised?
        • phobes parent reply It's all speculation at this point as there is no actual proof, but DDG is a US based company which presents several potential problems with dishonest agencies like the NSA. There's a discussion about it here, the owner of DDG gives some input as well:
      • abetterwest parent reply I have on watch. I use it from time to time. Might give it a trial next week as my primary search engine. Thanks for sharing.
    • Liberty_Surveillance parent reply More proof that women think more emotionally.
  • gbkthaddock reply It is my opinion that he was fired for his lack of the 'correct' ideology, not because of his ideology.
  • yankinator reply Idk, the memo makes sense, is well structured, but half the people still lose their mind over it instead of having a reasonable discussion.
  • [ – ] MGTOWLIFE reply Styx the left doesn't care about any of these logical arguments or their hypocrisy. They would attack you for pointing it out, and will not yield an inch to you in return.
    • [ – ] VixTradingSystems parent reply "Styx the left doesn't care about any of these logical arguments or their hypocrisy." That is a ridiculous assertion. I am about as far 'left' as a reasonable person can be, and I abhor what i call this SJW nonsense. In my opinion, these types of people have ruined MY 'left'. Your blanket labeling is your own downfall and shows your blind-spot quite easily. Time to look in the mirror and self-assess.
  • [ – ] MGTOWLIFE reply Going to be watching the google stock price and seeing how the market reacts to this.
    • VixTradingSystems parent reply Google stock will in a high degree of probability simply follow the general market direction. I would not prescribe any reasons for movement beyond that with any level of cause and effect. It's a weak argument.
  • Auceza reply #Google is the CNN of the search engines. Use to get unbiased information.
  • [ – ] Subugatai reply We have to switch from YouTube to VIDME. It's going to take a while, but I opened an account, 'followed' all the content creators I follow on YouTube and I'm going to make a point to watch what I can on VIDME first.
  • [ – ] DangerZone reply Google has a responsibility to hire the best employee for the job. The best hire, let's assume, is the applicant that will contribute the most financial benefit to the company. That means, if a black hire is worse at their job but having the visual diversity makes the company more appealing for consumers and investors, then it stands to reason that they ought to hire the black applicant.
  • [ – ] MGTOWLIFE reply So basically, diversity hires are a tax. The cost of doing business.
    • [ – ] VybeyPantelonez parent reply If youre obsessed with diversity. Personally i think it's #&%^ing weird.... i give a damn whether you're black white asian indian etc whatever.... which is why i dont talk about race or diversity. There must be some underlying reason for this.
      • [ – ] MGTOWLIFE parent reply No I look at it from the business perspective. The government mandates a diversity quota. You either final 'diverse' people who can do the work, or in the case of a tech company if the talent pool is all white/asian (for instance) then you have to fill out your diversity quotas in other areas. You can't not hire them, because the government and SJWs will castrate you. So you have this expense no matter what. And the government is driving it, making it a tax in a way.
  • Queepangel reply Always enjoy your work. Thanks Styx...
  • betadynamique reply In Soviet Google, the computers program you.
  • redbeardthepirate reply Switching off of all google services as soon as possible. As a creator though, YouTube is the last necessary evil until Vidme ages a bit.
  • Liberty_Surveillance reply I was fired for being a smoker when I was a smoker. They guised in as a "late" show but the unemployment office didn't buy it.
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