Complacency is Death - Response to 40oz "Daily Stormer Taken Down"

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  • [ – ] Cynical-Bastard reply Counter-protests are as stupid as anything else. Marches are another issue. Protests involve particulars, (chemicals, moving parts, it doesn't work that way); they involve a source that incites the protest (which is why they so often devolve into riots- because they are incited.) A "march", on the otherhand, does not entail such requisite particulars, to be called as it is called. The Charlottesville March was just that, a march. Not a protest. What ANTIFA did was a protest...a counter-protest; which is retarded- but sometimes necessary, and then sometimes not- and ANTIFA belongs in that latter category, which makes them even more retarded. But-- but marches can devolve into protests.
    • [ – ] CoffeeWithComment parent reply If we want to niggle (tee hee) on vocabulary, I'd suggest that what Antifa did was not even a protest, but an attack. This is of course nothing new from them; and I think maybe using the words "protest" or "counter-protest" to describe their behaviors is really whitewashing what they DO and what they are ABOUT. Contrast that freely with supposed Nazis and current-day Klansmen
      • [ – ] Cynical-Bastard parent reply Hot damn, I think you might be right. We have to break it down further than I did. They aren't even counter-protesting...they are attacking. Yes. There is a yuge distinction there. These aren't niggling trifles here. This is serious BIDNESS. Words are, I mean. And you're right. They need to be separate from your permitted rally...otherwise, it's not being upheld (that is, there end of the bargain, ie, the fact of their ability to 'counter-protest' is being given-to "an unfair advantage", let's just say...and then when it ISN'T called an attack (surrounding people, or blocking people's freedom of movement while yelling at them, banging drums, pushing flags into their faces and cameras, this is all a form of menacing, and provocation- that is, it's provocation when they are intruding into your rallies line-up. This is the problem here, at this rally, it wasn't guarded enough from ANTIFA. And they DO look like the aggressors. Plain as day.
        • CoffeeWithComment parent reply It's hard to tell who's who in the footage; and it hurts the brain to try; and so the easy thing to do is say "nazis" and show a little violence, maybe some fire, and BAM; propaganda. OF COURSE THE COUNTER PROTESTORS WERE PEACEFUL WHAT DO YOU MEAN??!?!?!?! It's not the 60's anymore, boys....
  • ironrope reply freedom must be upheld at all costs - i really like your statement in regards to lady liberty and defense of her no matter what. stay aware! keep up the good work man.
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