Charlottesville: Violence in the Streets | Faith Goldy and Stefan Molyneux

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  • [ – ] GeorgeEnglish reply I heard it was an Antifa member driving into an Antifa group. This doesn't make much sense but when did Antifa make any sense. Antifa = Rent a mob.
    • GeorgeEnglish parent reply The Antifa member that drove into antifa was in the car with his father, his first name is Jeremy ... I think. Strange man.
  • tenpointtwolong reply Yep I saw the dudes facebook, he is a Trump hater. Look up his full name.
  • Auceza reply Good coverage. Thanks.
  • [ – ] totallyrad reply They are getting desperate to ignite an American Spring/Civil War 2.0. Expect more escalation. Try to stay level headed. We can still win this as a peaceful information war solely (infowarsdotcom), but we don't have much more time.
  • ikki6567 reply Courageous woman; brave for being there and brave for telling the truth
  • Hagelbocken reply Great interview! love you both :D more interesting times ahead since lamestream media was (as always) way to quick to start the usual slandering. A fight always starts with insults and usually end in a fair bit of blood being spilled, and this fight is all over the western world... That's a lot of blood to spill before it's over :/ when is enough enough?
  • [ – ] Slaughter223 reply Cnn covered it as a wite supremacy March and didn't minion any of the violate or instigation coming from the left ...then tried to use the whole thing to paint trump as racecest for telling both sides to stop the bullshit.....mark my words if this kind of shit keeps up the U.S. is going to become a hell hole of hatred and misery for everyone.
  • JohnFLK reply This seems to me to be the result of letting the far left protesting and stirring up a ruckus without consequences the far right will eventually want to make their views heard and seen. And I bet that if the protesters in Charlotte would have not been met with the opposition there would have just been a protest and not nearly as much violence as there was when the opposition showed up. All of those who say nothing about antifa and blm protesting and making a ruckus suddenly comes out and completely denounce the far right doing pretty much the same as the far left has been doing for some time now.
  • Cyriu reply The best way to counter the Alt-Rights increasing prominence is by challenging them intellectually and in open but peaceful debate. Let them speak about their ideals and intentions, in the same way that the regressive left narrative is loosing support every day as they continue to scream their extreme ideology and more people start seeing beyond their stupidity, it may be possible to counter the Alt-right extreme solutions the same way. They are definitely not your typical neo-Nazi and KKK hate group, these people come from actual grievance.
  • AmandaAnderson_1 reply How weird. That is what disgusts her? Not the Antifa goes unpoliced, not that Antifa breaks windows of cars to pull people out and beat them, not that Antifa maces everyone, not that BLM blocked a freeway and was preventing a mother from getting her child to the hospital, just this. People wouldn't step on the gas unless they were totally afraid of being assaulted. Antifa was the instigator in every instance.
  • [ – ] tenpointtwolong reply expand (possible spam)
  • orlandowan1 reply The lame stream legacy propaganda channels are a puppet of people who don't respect the election result. The rioters are the canon fodder they incite to do their bidding and they can't even connect the dots.
  • JSiks reply I follow your show because there's value in confronting all ideas unreservedly, which is what I thought you try to do. But now, considering all the people who've been asking for it's obvious you're ducking Richard Spencer. Why?
  • flatus__inhalers reply Hang on: muslims are judged by the extremists....
  • Crypter27 reply It's an outrage what happened in Charlottesville and a terrible injustice!
  • SoulRobbing reply I think it's a set up I think they got the wrong guy
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