Who I Am and What I Do

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  • [ – ] Billy-Hard-Core777 reply Hmmmmm, so basically, you're a triggered Brit, who would find everything I believe and espouse abhorrent.... Other than that, Hi, my name is Bill, and am a Brit from Essex. ;o)
    • [ – ] Aslanted parent reply Ha! Hi there. I dunno, from the look of your videos we're not too far apart! As for triggered, well I think the only thing triggered recently was article 50 :P (belated happy Brexit day, by the by!)
      • [ – ] Billy-Hard-Core777 parent reply Hello, I feel I may of been to hasty, it's just not many peeps have a sense of humour anymore. And yeah, a good day was yesterday, and I shall for sure, be on the Ale this weekend, as a belated celebration. ... Peace. Oh, by the way, I am following you now, so feel free to share the love... ;o)
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