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  • [ – ] dantesinporno reply That skull is so badass. I love the sounds it makes and the origin story.
    • [ – ] IndigoStars parent reply Thank you! The story was all true, naturally ;)
      • [ – ] dantesinporno parent reply You're welcome my dear. Is that thing actually made of bone? Are you doing okay? I know your schedule is hectic, but I haven't seen you around much recently.
        • [ – ] IndigoStars parent reply It's not, I think it's some sort of resin. It's from a brand called Nemesis Now, UK based. They sell all sorts of home decor stuff, lots of goth-y things & great for props. I'm.. okay, I think. Mostly stressing about my trip and having to fly alone x) but I'll be okay once that's over ^__^
  • [ – ] Aryk_Strykker reply Love Amira. Her wares are so delightfully creepy! Very relaxing video! 💜💜💜
  • [ – ] ladybugasmr reply Biggest asmr channel in vidme. thank you for making starting these videso
  • softlygaloshess reply UUuuuummm but that "mmm mmmm mmm" sound is so tingle inducing
  • elevedescience reply I fell asleep while watching your video last night. I don't know what secret Amira's voice and accent has, but whenever I hear her, I feel sleepy. I wish you a very nice trip tomorrow. As I know it stresses you very much, I'll tell you a something too often forgotten. The way a plane is built, it's begging to fly. The most brilliant minds figured out the physics and the most able pilots are guiding it through the sky to your destination. And people aboard are usually nice. Come to think of it, most of them are either retuning from a nice trip or going to an exciting adventure. So thank you again for this relaxing video. And have a nice flight to Maple Syrup Land. ;)
  • TheAuracleASMR reply Really enjoyed this, nice tingly sounds :)
  • [ – ] rustynail reply awesome saw tapping on a skull in other video recently but it was like a joke and i'm like i would totally watch a proper asmr video of it and here it is
  • SmoothRiverrock reply Yep, all of them and a snake charming spell as well, please. Thank you. : )
  • Rage_By_Nightfall reply Another creepy but calming/relaxing video. Rad! 🤘
  • DarkestStarASMR reply This is awesome!
  • DrCut reply @IndigoStars I know you like darkness and I love horror movies. :) https://vid.me/CCaRc
  • AlucardTepes reply "Woah look at all these wares!" 😮. Awesome video yo
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