Vlog: Vidme, Curating, Upvotes, and the Role of Community

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  • [ – ] Rawman reply DUDE!!! OUT OF CONTEXT OR WHAT!!! HAHAHHA!!! im pretty sure i was talking about "fly by upvotes" in that point! HAHA WHAT THEY HELL. we dont say that it needs to be community curated.. vidme said it lol. thats their rules not ours. the reason why its important to WATCH the content before upvoting is because it offers nothing for the person who actually spent time on the video. if they are making a bad video and you fly by upvote them then it doesnt do anything for this person. you just said a moment ago someone can watch what they want.... so suddenly i cant watch what i want???? you broke apart the word NEED from that whole point haha. i know what its like to put your heart into something. believe it or not i am unknown on youtube. it takes me weeks and weeks to make my videos lol. its not simply just speaking to a camera breaking apart peoples script and taking it all out of context. that whole "slight boost" segment cannot be taken out of context... MAN! you take so much stuf...moref out of context to fit your own argument and pick apart the simplest of wording. "and i hate political correctness" hahaha oh that was intimidating. 4/10 i rate this video. that 4 is simply from the chill of the music.
    • CrazyRocky parent reply You're better at explaining our side that's why I tagged you xD but 100% agree
    • Lonecomplex parent reply You just said it yourself: "if they're making a 'bad' video and you fly by upvote them, it doesn't do anything for this person." The reason I included your reference to fly-by upvotes is because it touches on the entire discussion that I made in the video: If people are going off the little upvote counter on whether or not their video is "good," there's a problem. There are countless "good" videos (by a lot of different objective metrics) out there with a pittance of upvotes. Part of my point is people can and do watch what they want, even if what they want is "bad" (ie: clickbait or similar). People individually will have different metrics for what makes a good or bad video - they're not doing the creator a service (or disservice) by liking their video. I explain why in the video no one is obligated to like anything, because this is the internet and due to the nature of the ubiquity of content, it's effectively a zero sum game in regards to recognition / respect / etc. I go on t...moreo argue that this is because no one "needs" an upvote for various reasons, which you yourself said RoughPanic "needed" your upvote because why? Because other users weren't upvoting him? Because Vidme (the system, not the users) was not boosting his videos to featured where he would consequently (probably) get more upvotes? In the case of the User: people *collectively* will trend to the lowest common denominator (ie: clickbait, porn, memes, catchy simplicity). Folks get upset when this happens and then subsequently shame "the community" that just "curated" something they didn't like because Tara Babcock's tits make the front page and other people's hours of hard effort doesn't (DjMu3L's video). In the case of Vidme: people get upset when Vidme itself decides to game their own system and promote big Youtubers or people with existing fanbases. The additional points in the video touch on this: Vidme's a private company and not a charity, and it is about money. Every business, including non-profits, are about money. If you can't pay the rent, there will be no keeping the lights on an employees paid. In this case, most people (or at least the people from Youtube Vidme promotes) are in it for spinning their fame into money. Consider this: if a credit card company profits off of scraping a tiny little service charge (even in fractions of pennies) off of every transaction, it is the goal of Vidme to scrape a tiny little bit of fame off of every user who creates videos in order to turn that into enough site-wide clicks for an advertiser to pay them for said clicks. Direct tips or subs just cut out the advertiser as a middleman and Vidme takes its cut straight from the transaction. So of course Vidme is going to feature talents with existing fanbases from wherever - Youtube or otherwise. Why would Vidme try to start from scratch when it costs them literally nothing to drag over Keemstar or someone similar? Because of some altruistic service to "the Vidme community?" None of this is ad-hom Rawwiecakes and none of it is personal against you. Whatever happens to Vidme doesn't bother me too much: my videos are saved on a hard drive first, Vidme second. If they close tomorrow, I won't lose anything because internet fame is fleeting and it's not something I want. Every video I make is for myself first and foremost - this one included - because if you can't be happy with your own work unto itself, you will never be happy with it. To be fair, what happens to Vidme is way, way out of any control I can exert over the situation. They are a private company who is going to do whatever they're going to do without regard to me, so I really have no energy to waste on allowing myself to get upset. But it does continue to gall me that people are so bereft of common sense that they throw up arms in every "Vidme is Fucked" video about the same things that should already be understood. The terms are there for everyone to see. If Vidme wants to game the algorithm tomorrow to promote solely videos about cats, it will happen. Lol, probably not a good idea, but they can do that. They can also delete every video on the site. They can invite Youtubers with millions of subs and bury every small-time creator under the mountains of upvotes of these same popular people. Good idea? Bad idea? It's their ship to sail - or sink. We are just invited to the party. I'd rather drink the free champagne than worry about where we're sailing.
  • [ – ] CrazyRocky reply @itsOnlyRawman
  • [ – ] WalkingForWeightLoss reply Lonecomplex I am envious of your clear audio. What's your process for that?
    • [ – ] Lonecomplex parent reply Good equipment and post processing (if necessary). I watched a lot of tutorials and messed around with the sound setup before perfecting it, and even then I'd say it's passable but nowhere near "great." I use a Rode Videomic Pro plugged into an H1 portable recorder. Tripod boom is just out of the shot but about 12-16 inches away from my mouth overhead. One way or another, you need enough power to get the right amount of gain on the mic so you're not trying to add volume back in post. The Rode Videomic Pro has its own power and its own gain boost, meaning you can run it on a small amp / recorder like the H1 and it doesn't need phantom power from the amp. The whole rig being (effectively) portable helps too so your mic isn't tethered to the camera. Plugging the mic directly into your average camera will get a lot of noise because most camera amps suck. There are a lot of tutorials out there - just watch a few and especially the comparison videos between amps / mics and it'll sh...moreow you what you need to spend in order to get passable quality.
      • WalkingForWeightLoss parent reply Thanks for your insights. I can't understand how we can send robots to Mars to take HD photos as every technology advances yet audio technology seems to never progress. I look forward to the day when smartphone cams and ordinary video cams just have good audio technology built in.
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