Star Wars Battlefront Funny Moments (Funny Deaths, Jyn Erso, Battlefront Fails)

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  • [ – ] MariaTheGerman reply You and the bush wasn't very successful I have to say!!! Meeled is my new favourite word XD Appreciate my titties I really don't know what got into me there xD loool Also when you throw the grenade against the force field xD #PRO
    • AJPatz parent reply It is the best strategy in the game what are you talking about! I couldn't appreciate them there was storm trooper armour in the way. Listen the grenade against the forcefield was planned ;P
  • [ – ] beigeboy reply Gotta love some star wars, well unless it's called awakens and it copies New hope and empire and calls itself the new star wars film, ha gay, well that turned into a little rant
  • AJPatz reply Bush stealth!
  • IAmCKtv reply Yeeeeeees you started it with my JAM! HAHAHA Bush Stealth!!! XD I just love how you stayed consistent with the "bush stealting" throughout! and...the using the penis gun...
  • WoodenTank reply xD i died laughing when you threw the grenade onto the shield. It fell down so sadly
  • Kyrogenix reply The game is ass
  • KarlSparrow reply Nice video bro. Check out my channel. :) cheers
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