Scarlet Gospels (quick) Review

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  • Lord-Gore reply yea i know..its a pain in the ass for me to get anything done, especially editing :( 3 kids and a useless wife n all..haha i have a second review coming up but the damn mic is too close to trying to be quiet so the wife dont bitch at me...
  • [ – ] CriticalGore reply I thought it was a pretty good video. I enjoyed that you actually used your own artwork for the video but if I could give a few suggestions it would be to maybe add some light music throughout the video and to never touch or move the mic at all while recording (1:32).
    • [ – ] Lord-Gore parent reply still learning editing i promise they will get better..anytime my mic makes noise like that my fuckn wife interrupts me and i have to move my mic
      • CriticalGore parent reply Trust me over time you will get better at it and get the hang around whatever software you're using, I despise my older videos but the one I'm publishing Friday kind of reflects how far I've come at this point.
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